How to flash another firmware

Note: flash firmware is at your own risk!

  • – Download a firmware version
  • – Turn off the camera (unplug USB)
  • – Remove micro SD card
  • – Power on (inset USB) and long press reset button
  • – Turn off the camera again
  • – Put the “home” firmware file on SD card (with a PC / laptop)
  • – Insert micro SD card an power on the camera again
  • – Wait around 5 min and try to connect with the smartphone app
  • – Check your cam it’s IP address in the router DHCP list

Modified firmware with additional features

To use the additional features, you need to flash a modified firmware version.
You can download them on the firmware page.
Flash instructions are quite the same as above, but for some versions you need to copy multiple files instead of only the home file.

RTSP url’s:
Main stream: rtsp://ipaddress:554/ch0_0.h264
Minor stream: rtsp://ipaddress:554/ch0_1.h264
Audio stream: rtsp://ipaddress:554/ch0_3.h264
(Note: you can use VLC to test the RTSP stream)

Edit the script “” in a text editor.
Modify the “my_tz=GMT+5” value, this is not the Green Mean Time.
Seems the script developer uses GMT as “Chinese timezone”.
You need to use the time difference between the Chinese and your own timezone as offset.
– Belgium summer time (normally GMT+1) in this script GMT+6
– Belgium winter time (normally GMT+2) in this script GMT+7

User: root
Password: 1234qwer
Port: 21 (default FTP port)

User: root
Password: 1234qwer

Via HTTP you get access to the SD card (as file website).
Just use the IP address as website URL.